Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Memory

Today our town buries its first casualty of war. This beautiful young man was 19 years old. He was talented, loved by many, and always could make you laugh. The funeral is at 3 and they started seating people in our high school gym at 11 this morning. What a tribute and final farewell for him.

My husband sat and cried the other night because of what this wonderful child sacrificed and will never know. Graduating from college, getting married, having children, and his own family.(Which he never had. He was raised by a single mom who did an awesome job).

We may not agree with this crazy war, but, when children (yes, children) believe so much in our country that they make the biggest sacrifice of all my heart swells with pride. Let us all believe in them and pray for them each and every night. Not only the young but all our soldiers because they are protecting us so we can.



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