Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Memory

Today our town buries its first casualty of war. This beautiful young man was 19 years old. He was talented, loved by many, and always could make you laugh. The funeral is at 3 and they started seating people in our high school gym at 11 this morning. What a tribute and final farewell for him.

My husband sat and cried the other night because of what this wonderful child sacrificed and will never know. Graduating from college, getting married, having children, and his own family.(Which he never had. He was raised by a single mom who did an awesome job).

We may not agree with this crazy war, but, when children (yes, children) believe so much in our country that they make the biggest sacrifice of all my heart swells with pride. Let us all believe in them and pray for them each and every night. Not only the young but all our soldiers because they are protecting us so we can.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been in chat rooms, forums, blogs, etc. off and on for the last month trying to get my own pages set up. I seem to get caught up in everyone else's work and forget what I'm doing. It still amazes me at all the wonderful talent that is hidden here on Etsy. The beauty in pictures, crafts, jewelry and others is awesome. I look at new treasuries and they reak of talent. We, as a group, are so lucky to be a part of all this talent and beauty. Everyday I can find something, even though I'm not looking, that makes me happy. Sometimes it is just the comraderie that does the trick. What ever the case, Etsy is a happy place for me, thanks to you.

1. Anything green
2. Baby toes
3. New Borns
4. Friends
5. Smiles
6. Sunshine
7. Making someone smile
8. Good music

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Around the Corner

This morning I woke up to rain. It is so depressing when it is gloomy and overcast, but then I realized this is the way it will probably be for the next five weeks. We need this cleansing to welcome in spring. Do you know it is just around the corner? I can hardly wait. There is nothing better than opening up windows and letting in fresh air, looking outside and seeing new green grass, having the daylight hours getting longer. Spring is a new beginning.

My hopes for all of us, in this spring cleansing, is that the economy can find a fresh way to get a jump-start, the government will quit bickering amongst themselves and put the people first, and that we all start caring for each other. That would not make a perfect world, but I'm sure the latter would make someone happy.

Will you clean for spring ?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Under the Promotions in Forums this morning was a wonderful thread called Collaborators. It was posted by LindaButterfly. The definition of a collaborator was given. It was very concise and very to the point. I went into the thread and found that there is an Etsy Extravaganza going on today. What a great way to help you promo your shop. It will be running thru the 8th. If you have a chance check it out.

Now back to the word collaborate. I always thought when you collaborated with someone you got together to figure out a way to help one or the other or someone else. Is that not what the government did with big business bale-outs? So--if that is the case, where do these corporate execs. get off taking offense to having to justify their spending? There is not one of us on Etsy that would not jump at the chance to have to account for what they spend if we were granted a bale-out. One exec actually said the Pres. should stick to his job and they would run theirs. Hello!! He did that already and look what happened. Am I missing something here?

Enough food for thought today. Remember to check out the Etsy Extraveganza. Check out the forums and GREAT SALES FOR ALL!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting the" WORD" Out

Yesterday I was getting my nails done. An old friend , who was just getting the finishing touches done on hers, was ahead of me. Her first comment to me was "I didn't know you made jewelry." I have been doing this for three years now mind you! I have vinyl signs on my car, have had open houses, and have done craft shows. I give out business cards and have pieces in a shop in town. My question is what else am I missing or do I need to step it up a notch?

People who have shops on Etsy know who we are by going into forums, chat rooms, and joining teams, etc. I don't know all the ins and outs of this website but when I say I'm on Etsy people ask what it is. Why do we not have a better following since we are all handmade? Why doesn't Etsy have a decal that we can put on a car or shop window that promotes them--or do they? I just think we all have a better chance if people could really get into Etsy because it is such a great variety store. Anyone have any other ideas?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogger Heroine

Yesterday I tried to set up a blog page. Here I am doing it again. So much for computer savey. I am either not as good at this as I thought or just an oxy-moron!

I will say this. There are so many nice people on the blogs especially on Etsy. I have had people help me since I started FANCYFROGBEADERY from the very start. That brings me to my title. I have become associated with this awesome, patient lady who also has a shop on Etsy. Her name is Linda and she designs cards. She picked me to be in one of her treasuries. I was so impressed as it will be my first. Not only is she going to use a piece of the jewelry from FancyFrogBeadery, she is taking the time to help me become a better user of the options that are available for my shop.

I truly thank her and believe that even if we do one little something for someone it will make us a better person and perhaps make it a better world.

So--to finish this up: Hats off to Linda of LINDABUTTERFLY on Etsy!